By Brobdingnagiancat

Welcome to the Animal Jam Forest Roleplay Wiki

Welcome! This Wiki is an interactive Animal Jam forest crammed into a device. It can be on your computer or taken on the go with a phone, like a teeny world in your pocket! It has some limits to keep you and your character safe and entertained, but it's otherwise free! Explore the wild, conquer your fears and go on your epic journey through the Animal Jam Forest Roleplay!

Why have this wiki?

This Wiki was created for entertainment purposes. It serves as a place to be whatever or whoever you want! (However, some rules)


NEVER powerplay.

ALWAYS include everyone.

I will have contests, raffles and more to choose who gets to be a mythical creature.

Only one power for non-mythical creatures and up to three for mythical creatures.

Don't be afraid to loose!

Try to make a page about your character.

No bad words or inappropriate stuff.


Latest activity

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